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Verification in Parimatch is a necessary procedure, which is carried out in order to identify the identity of the bettor, after the registration procedure of the game account. This procedure helps bookmakers not only to secure customers' funds, but also to prevent the possibility of fraudulent actions on the part of unscrupulous users.

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What eSports games you can bet on after registration:

  • Counter-Strike.
  • Dota 2.
  • League of Legends.
  • Starcraft 2.
  • Rainbow6.

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Why check-out

Verification in Parimatch is a mandatory procedure. Without its passage, the user will not be able to withdraw the money earned on the bets. Copies of documents provided by the player are checked with the information provided by the user at the registration, as well as with the account holder's data, where the funds will be withdrawn. If the information is not fully or partially consistent, the player will have to re-operate to confirm the data provided.

First of all, this procedure helps to secure the user's funds, which are in his account in BC Parimatch. Even if you use a login and password from the user's profile, the scammers will not be able to withdraw his money. Thus, such a belief is no longer needed by the bookmaker, but by an ordinary bettor.

How to pass verification in Parimatch for Indians

The verification in Parimatch consists of the following steps:

  • Log into a personal account on the bookmaker's website;
  • Create a profile on the TsUPIS website.
  • pass the check at the TSUPIS;
  • to be tested on parimatch.

Profile registration begins with a small registration form that includes a username, phone number, and email address. It is important to enter the data correctly in a way that otherwise the user will not be able to pass the identification.

Next, the user registers on the website of the TSUPIS. In the event that the bettor has already been registered with the TSUPIS, he will simply have to tie his profile in BC Parimatch to the page previously created in the TSUPIS.

You can also go through the confirmation of personal data with the Kiwi online payment system. The check is carried out in any office of the company and is completely free. However, this format of confirmation of the information provided by the user is available only to users of ziwi-TSUPIS.

Check through the Euroset and Contact. To do this, you just need to find the nearest salon of the retail network and have a passport. It is necessary to mention how much verification on Parimatch by this method takes place. The check is carried out within a few minutes, and the cost of this service is 100 rupees.

Recently, the batters were able to pass verification in Parimatch through the website of the State Services. This uses an account created on the website of the State Services. Once a profile has been registered in Parimatch, the player can immediately press a special button to automatically go to the State Services website for later verification of the account. Going into his personal office on the official portal of the State Services, the user simply opens access to his data service TSUPIS to automatically provide personal information.

Is it possible to bypass verification

Of course, a player can register with Parimatch without verification. He will also be able to bet and even top up his game account. However, he will not be able to withdraw the money earned on the bets. The administration of the web resource in any case will ask the player to provide copies of documents (passport, SNILS) to confirm his identity.