The system in sports betting is one of the types of bets accepted by the bookmaker. Unlike residents, the essence of which is clear even to beginners, it needs careful consideration. Even among the pros, there are few real professionals in this field. The system is a combined set of bets that includes several express trains. Not all options must be guessed to pass betting on selected outcomes. The main advantage is the possibility of reinsurance. The number of events players can choose of their own accord.

How the system works in sports betting

When asked how the system works in Parimatch Sports bettingYou can answer in detail. The amount is divided into several express trains. The end result depends on the passage of each of them, as they are all calculated separately. The main reason for the misunderstanding is the peculiarities of the calculation. In practice, the use of mathematics does not lead to difficulties. For example, the coupon lists five events that are going to guess the raters. The bookmaker will offer three versions - 2/5, 3/5, 4/5. An important concept in sports betting is dimension. It is marked by two digits, as in the example indicated earlier. The second shows the total number of outcomes, the first shows the number of results in one express.

Unlike the betting line, the system has a number of advantages:

  • Players will not go into the red when selecting one erroneous event.
  • Unlike the express, you can make a profit;
  • The amount of payment for all the results will be more!

Simple mathematics is used in calculations. When you choose version 2/3, the payout is guaranteed if you can predict two out of three results. The amount of possible reward is displayed when the coupon is filled out. We can give an example of a bet on the winner of the match (the home team). At stake is $30 - 10 for each result. It turns out a combination consisting of three double chains:

  • the first, the second match;
  • The first meeting is the third.
  • second to third match!

If you successfully predict two results out of three, one express will play. If the three results are correct, the winnings for each of them are guaranteed. This is an example - in practice there can be ten variations. For the convenience of players on the site of the bookmaker there is a special calculator. It traces the layout order and calculates the exact ratio. The pages and the number of results are manually entered, and the rest of the program will perform automatically.

What is a minimum-risk system?

A minimum-risk system is a type of bet where fixed bets are used (banker or bet). In B.C. Parimatch, high odds are set for this combination. Bettors for profit can add to the card all the events in which you are sure. Versions in which there is no such outcome are excluded automatically. Once the number of variations is reduced, you are more likely to win.


There are no unambiguous events for the batters. Using the above calculations, players will work out acceptable methods on their own. Do not include in the combination multipliers below 1.4, because on a long stretch they will be unprofitable. The appropriate figures are 1.7 to 2.4. In combination sets of type 2/5, it is recommended to include variations with high odds to get a good reward.