To bet Parimatch, you need:

  1. Sign up for the site
  2. To start money in an internal account (Withdrawal/Writing)
  3. Choose a category for betting (For example, Football)
  4. Select event
  5. Choose the odds you'll bet on
  6. Set the amount of the bet
  7. Click "make a bet"
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In 2019, the field of online betting began to cover a huge part of the entire market of gambling services. Unsurprisingly, the number of players willing to cash in on sports bets is growing exponentially. Licensed BC Parimatch sports betting goes to meet all customers, providing quality services on the official website of the company. The list of all kinds of bets has acquired just huge sizes. From football, basketball and tennis, the usual disciplines in the sports world, to rare and sometimes local sports such as squash, Australian football and mixed martial arts. And if experienced bettors are already accustomed to such abundance and easily use all the services of the portal, the newcomers may have a logical question: how to bet in Parimatch. This article is the answer to this question.

How to sign up and start playing

This is the question that new players can ask when they learn that to bet in a Betting Match, you need to have an account, it must be verified and so on. About everything in order.

Getting to the site of a bookmaker with the desire to bet on sports and earn real money, the client will need to create his own personal office. It will store all personal data, betting history, will describe options for entering/withdrawing funds. Having an account will allow you to perform the main function - to make a bet.

Create a personal office

Creating a personal office is very simple. It is enough in the upper right corner of the main page of the bookmaker's website to find the "Registration" button and fill out a small questionnaire. Important: Filling out the registration sheet you need to specify only the real data, which coincides with the information in the personal documents of the players. All this is necessary in order that in the future without problems it was possible to pass verification of the account.

Verify your account

Verification is the process of confirmation by the administration of the portal of all the player data specified at registration. Its successful outcome gives the green light to enter and withdraw funds between the Parimatch account and the personal purses of the batters. For identification, you will need to send through a special form scan-copies of identity documents. If the process is successfully completed, then before the game on the sweepstakes there is only one obstacle - replenishment of the account.

The funds are entered with the help of a huge number of payment systems, including the most famous, such as:

  • Webmoney, ziwi, Yandex.Money;
  • purse in the TSUPIS;
  • Bank transfers, mail;
  • Recharge from mobile;
  • depositing money through the mobile operator by phone number!

Almost all the services presented do not take a commission, and the process of replenishment takes place within one minute.

How to make your first bet

Once the account is registered, identification has been successfully carried out and the account is replenished, you can start the main goal - to make sports betting. Unlike the old people in the world of betting, the new ones may have a logical question: how to play the stakes? You may need to authorize the site to begin with. To do this, you need to go to the main page and next to the famous button "Registration" will be located button "Entry." Click it, enter the data specified at registration, and get to the portal from the personal office.

How to make the Parimatch bet

A player wishing to make his first bet will have to do the following fairly simple procedure:

  • Go to the home page of the Parimatch website;
  • In the left side menu to choose the desired sport (e.g. football, basketball);
  • Then the filters are sorted by the types of tournaments and all the offers offered by the office in the line pop up on the screen;
  • Then you select the event of interest and the outcome option with a click on a certain factor and the amount for which the draw will be made;
  • The forecast will be included in the coupon and will wait for the outcome of the fight!

The odds are a numerical parameter (e.g. 2.09) by the bookmaker and shows the predicted probability of the outcome. The lower the cafe, the more likely it is to run out.

If your bet wins, the deposit for the event is multiplied by the factor and the amount of the real win is obtained. For example, at a rate of 100 rupees with a factor of 2.0 and a successful result, the player will receive 200 rupees.

What you can bet online at the bookmaker Pari-Match

At the online bookmaker Parimatch-Match you can bet on the following types:

  • Residents;
  • Live rates
  • Express!


Ordinars are a point bet with a single outcome. For example, in the APL match Arsenal - MJ you bet that with a factor of 1.92 the guests will win and wait for the final result. The bet played - the won amount goes to the account, lost - lose the amount.


Expresses - 2 bets or more, collected under one coupon and dependent on each other. You can take absolutely random two bets on different sports and combine one coupon. Thus, the established coefficients are multiplied and give one final multiplier. To win in express bets, you need all the events in the coupon to play. With one single loss, the express loses. There are also bets in the format of the system. They allow one wrong bet. Most often this type is used when under one coupon is collected more than 5 trades and the risk is extremely high.

Live Betting

Live betting is an innovation in the world of betting. You can make a bet right in the course of the fight. Most often odds in live above pre-match, and such bets are not for the outcome of the whole game, but for a period or intermediate score (1 half, 1 period or game). To make a bet in live mode you need to have the courage in making decisions and the speed of processing information, because the time to make a bet sometimes very little.

Which sport to choose to bet

This is one of the biggest issues that grow before the player. On the one hand, popular sports such as football, tennis, basketball and volleyball look extremely easy to make a bet. Many fans are well versed in these disciplines due to their popularity and coverage on various information resources. It will be easy to track the success of your favorite teams, which in the future can make a prediction from the bookmaker. But odds on events in such sports are usually as accurate as possible and below lesser-known disciplines.

Real excitement fans turn their attention to more exclusive sports destinations such as squash, horse racing, Australian football and so on. Because of its limited territoriality, all activities in such types of battles are harder to track and analyze and it is here that high odds can always come up due to errors of the portal's employees when putting up the cap. This is what B.C. Parimatch's bettors like to use.

In general, it does not matter what kind of sport you are going to bet on. The main thing - to make them thoughtful, conducting preliminary analyses of future games, and when losing not to rush to recoup on emotions, and stop, do work on mistakes and only then, thinking and planning - to make a bet.