It is betting on tennis in the big list of events occupy one of the leading places in the mode Parimatch bettingand, it should be noted, that this role is well deserved. In the bookmaker Parimatch all events from the world of sports and betting are arranged in order of their significance. For example, if we always see football in the first place, then then it is tennis that follows. Football in terms of popularity almost goes ahead without competitors and alternatives. Tennis is characterized by the fact that there are a large number of tournaments that are updated constantly. The average tournament lasts one week, if the weather conditions do not interfere. There are other tournaments that involve five-set matches that last two weeks - we're talking about Grand Slam tournaments, which we're also talking about in this stuff.

How to bet on tennis

Initially you have to register - BC Parimatch offers to do this to any user who has reached the age of 18 and can confirm their identity documented by sending a photo of the passport. Open any tournament from the betting line - the menu is located on the left side. Unlike the same snooker or less popular disciplines, the online line for a tennis match is very saturated. Before you bet on someone, you can study the statistics. Data relating to face-to-face confrontations or the results of recent meetings will also be available. BC Parimatch gives you a chance to bet on such tournaments and competitions:

  • Grand Slam;
  • Masters;
  • ATP-турнирны;
  • Challengers and futures!

What to consider in tennis bets

So, be sure to pay attention to how many maximum sets are possible in a particular match. For example, it can be five-set fights. This is due to the fact that the victory of the tennis player is awarded only after he won three sets in the match. It could be a 3:2 score. But in this case, the last fifth set with a score of 6:6 is held without a tiebreaker. You have to be prepared for the fact that the game will take place until the moment when one of the athletes will not win the match with a difference of two games. It is easy to assume that the final score can be in the form of 16:14, 18:16 and so on. Tennis history is known for many examples, when tennis players fought not for life, but for death, and the meetings lasted for five or six hours, continuing the next day.

So, if you want to bet on a total less and you are entanging this type of bet, do not rush to be deceived if you see the proposed total denomination of 40.5 or approximate figures. On the other hand, if you play too obvious favorite, which is a great serve, and an outsider, then you can rather choose a minus head start. If you have already signed up and entered all the data you need on Parimatch's website, you can take some of the ways to top up your account. Here are the main varieties:

  • Webmani;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Bank card;
  • Yandex.Money;
  • Kiwi and more!

In this case, using one method, you can subsequently choose another and also top up your account. The initial method is not the only possible deposit method. But if the winnings are significant, whether it's through the line or the tote, the bookmaker will offer you to withdraw funds in the same way.

What are the features of online tennis betting

Many cappers prefer live bets, because thanks to them you can adjust the starting odds. If the game has already started, the first point has been played, it is likely that the starting factor can be changed by one tenth. If the player made a break, that is, took someone else's serve, the factor on it will fall significantly. This is especially true for men. We will tell about the importance of the presentation of the men's tennis players.

Betting on tournaments

Note that if you choose to bet tournaments that take place on clay courts, this slightly reduces the importance of filing. In particular, there are tennis players who prefer only this type of coverage. For example, if we are talking about soil, then the classic here can be called the Spaniard Rafael Nadal. Year after year he shows us phenomenal results, winning all possible tournaments with ground.


It should be noted that sports betting based on the do-to-the-go system is very popular. It is also called more officially the Method of Martingale. It will never be a secret that in tennis, as in any other sport, it is impossible to constantly guess everything. However, the task of a successful capper is considered his ability to build a strategy in which the bank will be sustained stable growth. Martingale's method is based on the fact that after a bad bet you have to choose the next one and pick up the amount so that it is enough to win back the previous loss. It is quite possible and real to do this.

Total, exodus or handicap

You can choose a total, a core, an outcome or a head start. To implement this tactic, you can use almost everything that the line offers you. It's even more convenient to take advantage of live bets. We'll talk about them below. If you want to choose matches that develop more rapidly, then you will fit artificial or grass as the fastest coverage. However, in general, during the calendar year there are very few such championships on grass courts. These are the same some ATP tournaments that are held in the run-up to Wimbledon, as well as this famous Grand Slam tournament in England, which gathers the best players in the world.

What are the features of live tactics

Live events are among the most important in the world of bookmaking. It should be noted that most users do not particularly study the main line - they are more important than betting in real time. But what is such an incredible popularity and demand among users? You can directly see everything that happens on the court. As a result, a clearer picture of how the athlete plays opens. If he has an insecure first serve, then even the first racket of the world may have problems.

Do not be too naive and do not look only at the positions in the current ranking - there are many cases when athletes who are far beyond the top 50, beat the world's leading tennis players. After all, there is such a thing as progress - athletes can both rise in the rankings and lose class. Indian tennis is also characterized by a large number of excellent athletes.

In live betting, everything changes very quickly. This makes it convenient to implement a strategy on one game or set. There are also quite a lot of cappers who like to break. We also recommend that you pay attention to this tactic. But it is more appropriate in the case if the pitcher has a low percentage of pass of the first serve, because it takes the majority of points. All this can be implemented only lines of live, because neither the main line, nor the tote on tennis such a mural you will not be offered.

Variations of tactical solutions

If you play in major competitions, it will significantly enrich the painting and the choice of odds within one pair. For example, there is such an option as betting on the first point. It would be logical to assume that it is more like a lottery, as it is difficult to guess who will win it. But there's always more chance for the pitcher. This directly affects the coefficient on the host tennis player - he becomes higher, which can be considered a good offer for the bettor. Sooner or later the score will be 0-15, so we recommend you to put the first point of the host player, especially Kf. will be high if this pitch is taken by an outsider.

Betting on an accurate score is possible only in relation to sets - the number of games exactly to guess is almost impossible, so for all those wishing to increase the ratio Parimatch offers such outcomes. For example, if you think that the handicap will pass minus 3.5 or higher, instead of 1.9 you can get high odds, choosing 2-0 in sets. On the other hand, if we are talking about a five-set confrontation, the exact score of 3-0 or another, which you have solved, will further inflate the profit, to which every player aspires.

Choose express or systems

Betting on express trains can also be considered an integral component of betting. This type of bet involves guessing several outcomes of your choice at once. You can combine both totals and victories with odds. The main condition is that they concern different matches, not one match. If we talk about the types of bets, you can divide them into:

  • Residents;
  • Express trains
  • System!

But tennis is a fairly dynamic sport, so we recommend you to stop on express trains in which the number of outcomes does not exceed two. Three or more guesses will be very difficult. Do not forget that it is also an individual sport, so if the athlete feels unwell, he will simply refuse to continue the game and you will calculate the loss or win. Therefore, in small tournaments it can often be justified to bet on the drain of a big favorite who is just tired and wants to relax.

Mathematical tennis betting strategies and Shchukin tactics

Many have probably heard about the strategy proposed by Shchukin. In regards to tennis, it is based on the fact that the next game will win the tennis player, who is at the reception. We have already written about it above, but we will specify the situation a little. It is appropriate to speak only about fights in which there is a fight, and there is no obvious superiority of another athlete - maximum kf. should be in the area of four. In the bets on table tennis everything is different, because there games go up to 21 points.