Betting on Parimatch bet hockey is becoming more popular among bettors every day. This sport is even more active than football, volleyball, so there are many more options for prediction. Unlike Parimatch basketball bets, on ice the behavior of athletes is different, which makes the game less predictable. Accordingly, the painting is wider than other sports. Because of this, parimatch hockey bets in B.C. attract the public, ranking fourth among the total number of sports betting.

Variety of Parimatch Hockey Betting

The bookmaker provides good trading conditions for Parimatch hockey for its users. You can bet on world-famous hockey competitions, sports events of CIS countries. National, Continental Hockey League, World Championship, Olympiad - not the entire list of competitions in which you can participate by making Parimatch Live bets in BC.

First, you need to register on the official website. Further it will not be difficult to find the section "Hockey", it will choose the championship that interests you, predict the course and results of a certain game. The bookmaker offers a wide painting for the batters. There are such basic types of hockey bets:

  • Betting on a win, a draw;
  • Betting with a handicap;
  • total;
  • Period results
  • first and last pucks scored!

Let's take a closer look at the Parimatch hockey betting.

Betting on a team win is a common bet on the victory of any team or a game with an even score. Concluding such a bet, it is necessary to remember: only the main time of the periods of the game is taken into account, without overtime.

Hockey bet with a handicap: it is suggested to predict with what gap the team will win. You need to predict the winner and the difference in score between opponents.

Total: you need to guess the total number of goals, or rather - more or less pucks scored relative to the specified. You can determine the total for the total score of the game, for one of the teams.

Non-standard hockey bets: The bookmaker Parimatch provides hockey fans with predicted the outcome of the first, second period, totals in periods, the author of the first/last scored puck. Professional bettors, correctly analyzing the results, have a good income on a bet of this kind.

Live Betting: Put on the favorite online right during the match allowing the Live section. You can follow the live broadcast of the hockey event on the official website, analyze it, change your predictions. Even before the last seconds of the match there is an opportunity to change the values in the bet, it allows you to make the most accurate forecast, get a considerable profit.

Parimatch Hockey Betting and Additional Opportunities

The bookmaker for the convenience of its customers provides the opportunity to also bet on Parimatch hockey, other sports with the help of a specially designed application. You can make sports bets online with any gadgets. Finding a section of hockey competitions in the app is as easy as on the official Website Parimatch online. The app is completely free. The big advantage of a small program is that it is possible under any conditions to follow the outcomes of hockey periods, for example, even in public transport.

Betting odds will please fans of competitions on the ice. They are not overpriced, but not too small, so it is beneficial to the bettor and the bookmaker.
You can take your winnings from hockey bets quickly and conveniently, there are different options of payment systems, electronic wallets, bank cards.

Tips for successful parimatch hockey bets in B.C.

The specifics of this sport are very important in the analysis, prediction of the match. For example, in a hockey match three periods, many bettors use this, use the strategy of the play-offs on Live betting. It is also necessary to remember that in the world championships outstanding players do not take part - due to the fact that at this time the Stanley Cup is held, this competition is a priority for them. It's a seasonal sport, matches are not held constantly, but during the NHL, KHL hockey matches are held daily, for batters it is in some way a , because it is easier to track the statistics of the team's game.

Unlike other sports, in the hockey total of the player is calculated not only on the goals scored, but on the structure of the goal/pass, the winning bet to make with this fact much easier, because the player will earn the ball even with an assist.

Tips for successful bets on Parimatch hockey are reduced to several rules:

  • Follow the algorithm of the chosen strategy, do not deviate from it. It does not matter whether it is based on statistics or periods, in any deviations you risk losing. It is best, of course, to improve, to learn to accurately anticipate the results of the competitions!
  • Wisely dispose of the deposit, do not go all-in, better without big wins, but always remain in the !
  • Use the information, watch the professional experts in betting, watch what exactly they pay attention to, analyzing the competition, follow their example!
  • The course of the line makes clues, the reduction of the coefficient indicates where to concentrate the cash investment, sometimes when the money is reduced, the odds are increased, determining the reason for this movement, there is an opportunity to conclude a profitable bet!
  • Choose a reliable bookmaker, a good choice will be BC Parimatch, a proven enterprise for decades!

Competitions on the ice every day are gaining momentum of their popularity. Sports fans, fans of excitement, bettors understood the advantages of betting in the hockey field. Wide painting, daily matches during the championships open the way for successful prediction of the results of matches. There are many strategies that will be easy to start your journey with in betting, even for a beginner. Take the chance to try your luck on favorable terms of the bookmaker Parimatch.