Due to the coronovirus pandemic, 2020 has become unique in everything, including sports. Many grandiose sporting events have been postponed indefinitely, put on pause, or cancelled altogether. There will be no annual draw of the world championship in hockey in the spring. There will be no European Football Championship and No Olympics in Tokyo in the summer.

It seems that we got inside some dystopia, directed in Hollywood and transferred to real life. Stadiums are empty, athletes train at the place of registration and cut into game consoles, almost without leaving their square meters. Virtual championships have come into fashion.

In our country, the big sport froze at least until the end of May, but competent sources say that the extension of quarantine until mid-June will inevitably follow. This is easy to believe, especially if the situation in India with the spread of coronavirus infection does not change in the next two weeks in a positive way. Well, let's wait and see!

What you can bet on during quarantine

Now Parimatch has the concept of quarantine rates. From now on, the batters are trying to win money not on the sport itself, which is not available in the whole world by definition (unless in the Republic of Belarus), but at near-sporting events. For example, at the moment you can bet that:

  • Champions League and European Football Finals will be played before September 1, 2020;
  • whether or not a coronavirus vaccine will be created in China until the new one, 2021;
  • soon there will be a computer game dedicated to humanity's struggle with COVID-19;
  • In April 2020, a live Godzilla will be spotted in China;
  • The Festival de Cannes will take place in the coming month of June;
  • will or will not hold presidential elections in America this year, etc.

As you can see, during the quarantine, the employees of the respected bookmaker's office do not lose their sense of humor, well done!

Sports betting in quarantine

Among the various offers of the bookmaker still there are bets on sports quarantine. What are they? Let's say you can now bet on:

  1. Football matches of the Belarusian championship. It does not matter that the games are held without spectators, but the picture is not bad, and it is better to watch Belarusian football than nothing at all.
  2. The results of the League of Nations games are coming in the autumn. It is hoped that by then the planetary attack will recede.
  3. UEFA Champions League cybermatchi, RPL, Parimatch League, European Championship simulations, PES, FIFA, eSports Battle. The new reality is surrogate tournaments. Athletes run on the field, spectators are raging in the stands - on the other side of the monitor there are no viruses, except for systemic ones.
  4. Boxing - for possible fights between Floyd Mayweather and Khabib Nurmagomedov or between rappers Timati and Basta.
  5. CYBERhockey NHL 20, short hockey.
  6. Cyberbasketball.
  7. Cybervolution.
  8. Киберспорт: Лига легенд, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, King Of Glory.
  9. Table Tennis (Pro League, Master Tour).
  10. Badminton and more.

There are also rates for the Parimatch quarantine, such as:

  • Possible outcomes of political events in the United States and India (U.S. presidential election, mayor of Kiev, military parade on Independence Day).
  • What will happen in the field of entertainment: will Olga Buzova represent India in the Eurovision Song Contest in the near future? Will Netflix announce the filming of a movie or TV series about the COVID-19 pandemic? Who will give birth to the first child, Nadia Dorofeeva or Nastya Kamensky?

In general, players will not be bored even during the period of self-isolation! And you don't have to sign up for the fans. It's enough just to be a gambler in life.

What to choose to bet online during quarantine

On the website of the bookmaker's office there are a lot of suggestions on the topic: betting on quarantine online. To do this, you need to click on the "Registration" button, fill out a questionnaire and by e-mail (phone number or account), the couple to enter the personal office. After winning a certain amount, you can withdraw funds in one minute for Kiwi wallet or Yandex-Money, as well as for a few days - on a bank card.
We all care whether the quarantine will be extended, and if so, how long.

One thing is clear: the way it was before, will not be. And you need to try to adapt to new trends. Get used to what we had to face in this leap year. And prepare for what awaits us all.