Among the customers of the bookmaker Parimatch bet on boxing remain one of the most popular destinations. Features of such bets are connected with the sport itself. A draw is a rarity, so bookmakers almost do not accept betting on such an outcome. Betting on favorites is unprofitable because of the minimum odds. Only bettors with a large bank will be able to earn money. Today, there are a large number of tactics, with which you can minimize risks and increase the chances of making a profit.

Highlights of online boxing betting

The bookmaker accepts bets on boxing online of several kinds. Often there are equal quotes for the success of one of the fighters, and in 90% of cases there is a clear favorite. To earn on his victory, you need to bet a large sum. Different types of sports betting are accepted:

  • On the outcome of the match;
  • early victory;
  • To win on points;
  • To a draw!

In the first case, the winner of a particular fight is chosen. He can win by knockout, on points, or the opponent will be awarded a technical defeat. When choosing an early result, you need to predict that the fight will be completed before the end of the last round. For analysts, the statistics of the boxer's victories are used, where the percentage of wins by knockout takes an important place.

When choosing the third option, the bettors get the winnings, if the fight lasts until the end, and the victory will be won by the athlete on whom the bet was made. In the fourth type, payouts are guaranteed if the opponents have scored an equal number of points. In MMA, no one can be drawn, so other strategies are used to minimize risk.

How to bet on boxing and earn money

Deciding how to bet on boxing on the sweepstakes, you need to analyze popular markets. The duration of the fight remains an important criterion for professional beattors. The bookmaker makes the amount of rounds (total) in the betting line and offers to predict whether less or more of this time will last the fight. Odds are equal, so if you model the fight correctly, you can get a good amount.

"Intuitive" rates do not work - deep knowledge of statistics and individual handwriting of participants is important. There are other nuances:

  • The optimal time to make a bet is 12 to 48 hours before the meeting;
  • do not forget about the "dark horses" that win against famous fighters;
  • Judges' decisions are not always objective!

How to analyze fights for the sweepstakes

Before participating in the sweepstakes it is necessary to conduct at least an amateur analysis of the match. Meetings are rare, so forecasters have little choice. The weight category is necessarily taken into account. Experts advise betting when participants have undergone an official weigh-in. The current form and physical condition of the opponents entering the ring, injuries, the personality of the coach are taken into account.

When changing the mentor is not excluded changes in the staging of blows and tactics of fighting. This information can be found on the official website of the athlete, in interviews and on personal pages on social networks. If the athlete is physically healthy, the level of his motivation is assessed. Not all participants fight for money - many are well paid for losing. To conclude a bet are suitable fights for the title, where both rivals are motivated to win the sparring.

You can count the number of knockdowns in the previous fights, paying attention to the continuation of the fight by the decision of the judge. Some prefer to work with hooks - dangerous knockout blows, inflicted at close range. Jeb is based on precision and speed.

Participants of the meeting, who are able to use such tactics, can infuriate even the most reasonable opponent. There are athletes who do not know how to resist left-handed or right-handed rivals. As soon as forecasters compare strengths and weaknesses, a likely picture of the development of events is drawn up.

The most popular strategies among rateers

When choosing a boxing betting strategy, you need to take into account the frequent distortions in the betting lines. Thanks to this, the prepared bettors get good wins. "Star" can fight a little-known fighter, which is underestimated by both bookmakers and the public. As a result, the odds on his victory are much increased. Boxing is 50% business, so contract matches are possible.

Often the result depends on the manager - because of his unprofessionalism, even a good athlete will lose. It is better to practice tactics on top fights. It is easier to predict the result of the title match, where reputable boxers participate.


There are several approaches to waiting tactics. One of them is to bet on an outsider. In about 20-30% of cases, the fights are not won by the favorites. Professionals who study each other for several months enter the ring. They regularly practice physical endurance, punches, tactics, so both participants have a chance to win. If the ratio is less than 3.0, you need to double the amount at stake every time after the loss of the chosen boxer.

The second direction is the prediction of knockout with precision to the round. If the forecast is correct, the winnings will increase by 5-10 times. Pros prefer to play for duration, choosing periods from 3-5 positions.

Oscar Greind's strategy

The recommendations of Oscar Greind were developed for gambling adherents. Its main essence is moderation. Each denomination increase should be in line with the initial unit. Even if you win, you shouldn't change the amount at stake. If necessary, it can be reduced, but in any case not increased. The tactic works at a factor of 2.0 or more and carries a share of the risk. As a rule, high kefs are set on outsiders. The ideal option would be a bank that includes 8 to 12 denominations.


The fork is a win-win strategy. Pros compare the odds set for the same fight at different bookmakers. In the first office of betting is to win one participant, in the second - on his visvis. The bettors make a net profit in any results, but its size will be small. Forks can be used in live, but with this option the risk increases.

Betting on boxing in Live mode

Making Live betting, it is better to watch the broadcast on the site. Do not bet in the first 15-20 minutes - it is better to observe the opponents and assess the physical condition of each of them. During the observation, you need to "feel" each of the participants of the meeting. Fighters don't just wave their hands in gloves. There are certain tactical drawings, models of fighting, duel design. To increase earnings, you need to bet large sums.

If the favorite starts to lose positions, you can put on the underlog, increasing the number of rounds, which will last. With the obvious advantage of one of the opponents it is better to make a bet at once, until the bookmaker has not reduced the odds.