Baseball is a popular game that originated in the United States two centuries ago. Two teams take part in the competition, each with 9-10 active participants. Discipline is popular in 120 countries, but residents of post-Soviet countries do not like this sport, because they do not understand the rules of alien to themselves game. If you know the peculiarities of discipline, then betting on baseball, you have every chance to break a good jackpot.

If you want to bet on baseball in sweepstakes or mode Parimatch Liveyou should get to know the basic rules. The game is played in the stadium, at the corners of which are bases. The ball is introduced into the game from the "home" base. If the ball flies out of the outer playing field (fal-line), the game stops. The goal of the competition is to confront the two teams and set more points as a result of the runs. The striker must run through all the bases "home." The defense must send three opponents out during this time. After that, the teams change places.

Basic terms for betting on baseball

For those who want to bet on baseball, you need to know the terminology of the sport. Key terms:

  1. An inning is a period for which the team plays defense and offense. After the out, the opponents change places. One inning, it was three outs. There are 6 outs in the game!
  2. Pitcher - striker (throws the ball)!
  3. Batter is a baseball player with a bat!
  4. Catcher is the one who takes the ball!
  5. Runner is an athlete who has taken over the base!
  6. A run is a point that the attacking team gets!
  7. Home runs - jog on all bases "home"!
  8. Grand Slam is a home run hit in the bases. In this case, the team is awarded 4 points!

To better understand the rules of the game, watch the championships and read the introductory articles. Do not rush to bet on baseball, not having mastered the basic knowledge.

Types of baseball bets in B.C. Parimatch

Bookmaker Parimatch accepts several types of bets on baseball:

  • The victory of the national team with the odds in mind. If the teams have drawn, the bet is back. If two games are played in one day, the bookmaker takes into account only the first match! In this sport, the handicap is always 1.5 points!
  • The outcome of five full innings. If the meeting is interrupted or cancelled, the winner is declared the reigning champion. The draw is calculated at odds of 1!
  • Total is paid only after 9 innings. With fewer innings, the odds are 1!

Also in BC Pari match accepted early bets (who will make the playoffs, will be the winner in the tournament) and additional (individual total and total of individual innings, difference in points, even/odd, etc.)

Bookmaker Parimatch offers to play baseball tote, you need to guess correctly which team will be the winner. The peculiarity lies in the lack of coefficients. The number of correctly named outcomes is taken into account when counting the results. The winnings are paid out of the total prize pool. To win you need to guess eight or more results.

How to bet on baseball in BC Parimatch

To bet on sports in BC Parimatch online, you need to register on the bookmaker's website. Once you're in charge of reliable personal data, top up your account. On the left is a list of available sports, among which you need to find baseball. To select one or more outcomes, click on the right ratio. Form a bet, specify its type and amount.

How to analyze baseball games before you make a bet

To win, it is recommended to analyze the upcoming event yourself. Check out the data:

  • See the results of recent meetings
  • Find out where the match will take place, either at home or away.
  • Assess how long it's been since the last game - whether the baseball players have recovered;
  • Get to know the team's composition and coach, as well as the physical condition of the players;
  • Check out the stats of pitchers (the number of runs per game) and other athletes!

The peculiarity of baseball is that the result of the game is influenced by the physical form and preparation of the team as a whole, as well as the weather conditions during the game.

Detailed analysis plan before making a bet:

  • How many wins/losses a team has at home and away;
  • Winning/losing day and night;
  • wins and losses on peat/grass;
  • The result, depending on the hand of the pincher (right/left);
  • Reveal a series of wins/defeats based on the analysis of the last 10 games!

This analysis allows you to determine the success factor of the team. After that, it is necessary to evaluate the pitching of the two teams meeting. Pitchers analysis:

  • Their latest results
  • Productivity over time
  • results on a certain field!

Pitcher is the most important figure in the game, so you need to analyze their activities with special care.

Secrets of winning baseball bets at Parimatch

To make investments profitable, experienced bettermakers recommend sticking to the basic rules:

  • Don't bet on a draw. This result is 1% of all outcomes!
  • The difference of one point is 15% of the total number of outcomes. It makes sense to use negative odds in cases when the bookmaker has equalized the odds of the teams!
  • When betting in the live, evaluate the pitcher's form over two innings and only then make an attachment!
  • The lowest margin for major league baseball!
  • When evaluating pitchers, don't forget the substitutes who take the field after six innings. After the replacement, the situation on the field can change dramatically, which is often used by betterers!

The outcome of the match is extremely unpredictable. When betting, stick to the rules:

  • Bet on the home games of your favorite team;
  • Do not ignore the positive odds;
  • Do not bet on an outsider, on account of which there is not a single victory;
  • To make a profit at a distance, bets must be the same size;
  • Follow the motivation of athletes and assess the importance of the fight;
  • Put on the team's victory after a series of defeats in 4-5 games!

Knowing the rules of the game, the secrets of winning bets and using the recommendations of experienced batters, you can easily identify patterns and make bets.

Baseball winning betting strategies

Experts have developed numerous strategies for making winning bets in baseball. The most popular tactics:

  • Corridor
  • Type;
  • Shchukina;
  • Line
  • Oscar Greind!
  • Catch-up!

Details of each sports betting strategy can be found on the Internet. Remember, no ready-made tactic gives 100% guarantee of winning. Try to personally analyze the upcoming meetings. The size of the investment should not exceed 5% of the bank.