Betting on American football is popular not only in the U.S., but also among domestic batters. The number of players included in the application reaches 50 people, but only 11 representatives of one team are on the field. When developing a winning strategy for each individual match, it is necessary to take into account many factors that can affect the outcome of the game - the composition of the team, the preparedness of the players: not only physical, but also moral. If the season of the championship or the National Football League has just begun, then better needs to study the predictions of previous games, taking into account the ratings of the teams in the standings. Only having analyzed all the above criteria to bet on American football will turn out to be with the maximum benefit for yourself.

Parimatch online bets on American football

To all customers БК Parimatch it is proposed to consider the list of major sports betting that can be applied to the tote of American football:

  • Outcome. It means the victory of one of the teams. The end of the draw is quite a rare event, so the bookmaker does not include it in the mural!
  • Betting on the winner of the quarter is after the start of the fight!
  • Common and individual total!
  • The bet on the head start takes into account the main time, OT, half or a quarter!
  • Additional types of bets - winning the tournament, the first time-out, the exact difference in the score, etc.!

The line of bets on this sporting direction is quite wide and diverse, and the odds reach high rates. Therefore, absolutely every bettor can get a generous win.

How to bet in Parimatch?

Most new users of the Parimatch bookmaker are interested in how to bet. The process of determining the forecast is quite simple, selecting from the list of sports destinations the necessary category, and then decide on a specific event, having previously familiarized with its date. For each of the tournaments will be offered a list of outcomes, among which the user needs to choose the one that, in his opinion, will lead to victory. All selected options will be included in a special coupon. To complete the transaction, you must confirm your actions by clicking the appropriate button in the coupon.

Tips for beginners

Don't forget that game event analysis plays a key role in choosing the right strategy and determining the type of bets that directly affect the outcome. The quarterback is in the lead position on the team, in other words, the captain. His absence or poor physical preparation can be the main reason for the team's loss. NFL matches are less common than NHL or NBA matches. Therefore, the players always have a free week of time to recover. Having studied the forecasts of bookmakers' professionals, which include analytical and statistical data, you can conclude the most profitable bet on the Internet.