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Bonuses for popular events in eSports

What eSports games you can bet on after registration:

  • Counter-Strike.
  • Dota 2.
  • League of Legends.
  • Starcraft 2.
  • Rainbow6.

Bonus on eSports

The address with access to a popular bookmaker in the former CIS countries can be blocked for a variety of reasons. The Parimatch Mirror is a great alternative entry for all russians in India and Belarus. It is the citizens of these countries who do not have the opportunity to fully enjoy the benefits of the official resource. However, this does not prevent them from experiencing all the advantages of modern betting.

Mirror Parimatch: Why blocking the entrance to the site

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In order for the gambling business to function fully in India, the management requires companies to have a local license. In the absence of it, according to FH 244, the address of the official site is entered into a special registry, which automatically blocks users' access. In turn, in order to obtain this license, the bookmaker must meet a number of conditions:

  • joining the SRO and the TSUPIS;
  • Payment of special membership fees;
  • commission fee with better bet won, the size of which reaches 13%!

Having fulfilled the terms and conditions, the company's activities become unprofitable in financial terms for both parties. Therefore, the most rational solution would be to use the Parimatch mirror.

The concept of a working mirror of the Parimatch site

Having a new Working Parimatch mirror is a chance to experience all the benefits of betting. The alternative address is a web resource similar to the official website, which is completely identical to the first one in its functionality, content and offer. Bypass the lock B.C. Having an address with access is simple enough, the bettor is required to insert it into the address bar of the browser and that's it.

It's your bonus bro.

How often is the site blocked?

It is worth paying attention to the fact that government regularly conducts raids and blocks addresses appearing in the network. Therefore, they are updated quite often, about once every 5 days. At the time of the change of domain, which takes about 20 minutes, the site may not be available. After the resumption of work, the client can continue to use all the opportunities of the site, place bets, receive bonuses, participate in promotions, replenish the deposit account and withdraw money. Note that such entry to the new site is possible with both the mobile version and desktop.

Very often, users use different anonymizers and VPNs to gain access to the official site. However, finding a decent program that can regularly open access to a gambling resource is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Therefore, more and more players prefer the Parimatch mirror, the address of which can be found within a few minutes. And if everything is clear with how to go to the alternative page of the bookmaker, the question of finding topical links remains open.

Where to find the current address of the Working Mirror Parimatch

Now it is quite easy to find the addresses of mirror resources on the Internet. Enter the relevant query in the browser address bar and a list of pages with the latest updated versions of mirrors will be opened before your eyes. By trial and error, find the most suitable resource that fully functions.

Many customers are interested in the question of whether it is legal to use Parimatch mirrors. It should be noted that this way of accessing a gambling resource does not imply criminal or legal liability of bettors. Therefore, players can safely start betting, without the fear that they will be attracted to any kind of responsibility or will block the Parimatch account. Choose the best online club, where you will find wide betting lines and a lot of sports destinations.