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Bonuses for popular events in eSports

What eSports games you can bet on after registration:

  • Counter-Strike.
  • Dota 2.
  • League of Legends.
  • Starcraft 2.
  • Rainbow6.

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The gambling industry on the World Wide Web today is actively developing, and numerous bookmakers offer their conditions for the game. Among the great number of offers and the growing competition most often bettors distinguish the official site PariMatch, where it is possible to bet in Live mode At the moment in the open-access a variety of options for betting on the most different sports. This can be not only the most famous and popular types, such as:

1. Soccer.

2. Basketball.

3. Hockey.

4. Tennis.

But also exotic, among them:




And it is also worth highlighting the fact that there is an opportunity to bet on cybersports disciplines, which have recently become increasingly popular and in demand, as well as attracting a multimillion audience. Betting is available in real-time, and directly on the site, you can track the selected events, which is quite convenient.

PariMatch Live sports betting

It is worth saying right away that this bookmaker has several advantages, which makes it stand out among the many competitors.

The presence of a license

This is the assurance for the user that the company conducts honest activities, which in turn is controlled at the legislative level..

Live mode and the ability to track live matches.

The player can make bets in real time on the site, and there to follow the changes in the game

Availability of a mobile app..

Software for smartphones is different stable operation and allows the player to bet anywhere, it is important to have a stable connection to the Internet.

Large odds and a wide line of coverage

The analytical department regularly works to offer the best odds and great betting opportunities

A wide choice of options for depositing a gaming account

Not only bank transfers, but also electronic wallets and even cell phone operators are available. Following the tips you can quickly deposit to the account and start the game.

The work of technical support.

Through online chat or by email you can contact the manager and consult

Access to casino

Since recently, the brand gives the opportunity to enjoy quality slots or card games such as poker or blackjack.

But it is real-time betting that deserves special attention, and many experienced bettors have long been making money on it.

A player makes bets on the PariMatch website. Everything is very simple and clear, the site navigation is very clear and even a beginner will quickly understand everything. In addition, access to the site is open at any time, and even if for some reason you can not go, you can use the mirror. This is an alternative address, which repeats the entire functional and design, but changes the domain name, so it was possible to bypass the blocking.

PariMatch live stream

An important feature of this type of betting is the fact that live streaming is available right on the website. Of course, many people still prefer to bet before the match, this option is no less interesting, but the Live mode is a unique opportunity, as the odds change right in the course of the game.

Grab the bonus

And the bookmaker is constantly improving and improving its operating conditions, so you can always choose different options for betting, for example:

1. Bet on the number of goals scored in a half or match.

2. Try to predict the number of corners.

3. How many cautions or penalties there will be in the match.

4. How many penalties.

5. You can even bet on the exact score.

All this is done based on the events of the match, and experienced bettors are well aware of what needs to be taken into account for the outcome to be successful.

And for gamers, it should be said that betting on cybersports is now available in real-time. This applies to the most popular disciplines so far:

1. Dota2.

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

3. League of Legends.

And also worth a few words about the casino, which today is no less attractive to the gambler. Now you can play slots or poker with a live dealer, that is, to conduct a live chat, and this greatly increases the interest in the game.

It is only important to go through the registration process on the official website and identify yourself.

Parimatch live betting rates

Because the interface is straightforward, you can make bets without difficulty, even for beginners. All you need to do is find the appropriate tab on the website and study all the available events at the moment. After the event and outcome are selected, everything will be reflected in the coupon. It is possible to add several outcomes at once and then simply specify the size of the bet. After that, confirm the action and the bet will be counted.

For this type of betting, all the actions that are tracked by the bookmaker's office are possible. Of course, the most popular are soccer, basketball, hockey, and tennis.

1.As for volleyball or basketball, you should be very careful not to miss your chance. This is a dynamic sport, so be patient and do not miss a chance.

2. Tennis is an individual sport and if a player is not well prepared for a match, or has an injury, it is possible to take advantage of this chance.

Cricket Live betting

This sport is rapidly gaining popularity abroad and PariMatch offers the player a variety of options:

Betting on the outcome

Here can be a victory of the first or the second team, and in the first level there is a draw, but not very often.

Double Outcome.

1X or X2 allows that there can be either a win or a draw, and the player can win


Here it is often a matter of goal difference. Bets are available even if the handicap is zero.

Player statistics

Betting on the number of wounds for the entire match, as well as for a certain period of time.

Football Live

Bets on soccer matches are accompanied by a total of a certain number of goals. That is, if the ball is scored in the final minutes, it is possible to pull off a nice score. Or if you bet on what the favorite will miss at the beginning of the half.

But it is always necessary to analyze the match immediately, because situations may be different. For example, if a clear favorite meets an underdog, the outcome is not always a foregone conclusion. For example, if it is the end of the season, and for a strong team the position in the standings will not change, the coach may put the second lineup. As for the weak team, everything is very sad, and in the case of defeat, the team will drop out of the league. In such a case, the motivation of the players is maximal, so we can consider a clean win or a double for the underdog.

Also, you should always consider the condition of the team and individual players, besides domestic championships there are also national tournaments. And strong players from different teams are always called up to the national teams, a large number of matches means fatigue and risk of injury. So in the selected match, the coach can save a strong player, which can also affect the outcome.

This applies to absolutely all team sports - analyzing the data is the key to success and the possibility to win.

How to watch live betting matches on mobile?

Currently, every player can make bets in real-time from a mobile device. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to watch the live broadcast of the match from your smartphone. It is available only in the desktop version.